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Perimeter surveillance of an airport

How to monitor more than 15km
perimeter of an airport?

For an extended perimeter, there are several technological solutions such as sensors on fences, infrared or long-range cameras. It is therefore essential to have adequate hardware that offers a continuous visibility of day and night regardless of the time it does (mists, rain ..).

After analyzing the entire perimeter, our final goal in the case of an airport is to propose an optimal and relevant solution to alert and put the provisions of the safety officers all the information necessary to respond in time to any violation of the perimeter.

These measures are part of the safety of passengers, citizens and to any violation its perimeter in order to have a reliable result, secure all the perimeter of the airport, detect and record all the suspicious movements at any time of the day and by all the time.



Analytical video

Buried cables

Types of Cameras
(Thermal, Low Brightness)

Laser radar
(laser detection)

Grade vibration sensors

Virtual Barriers

Thanks to the Waycon’s expertise in the integration of technological solutions in the port and airport sector according to the specific environment of sites that will provide all the tools needed to protect infrastructure and people. Our challenges for this mission are as follows:

  • Monitor more than 15km perimeter.
  • Zero dead angle: to guarantee the complete coverage of all the areas of the airport.
  • Take into account the infrastructures already in place.
  • Extension of existing security systems in the airport.
  • Installation of an IP network via the routing of kilometers of fiber optic cables including all the perimeter of the airport.
  • Implementation of supervisory rooms.

Mainly, our customers choose us for our knowledge and skill in the field of technological security by offering a reliable scalable solution that allows it to migrate step by step towards a 100% IP solution. Our video surveillance solution to ensure the coverage of the entire area of the area through the implementation of the following elements:

The video surveillance solution proposed by Waycon has just responded to security issues facing an airport that can be the same case for other companies or capitals.

Today through our solution, this airport has been able to handle via a single interface all the video surveillance system components as well as the cameras installed throughout the perimeter that allowed it to detect all suspicious behavior in the approach or around the perimeter. From the airport taking into account weather conditions.

Provide a reliable and scalable solution allowing this airport to migrate step by step towards a 100% IP solution.

In order to support new technologies that can meet the current and future needs of the customer, to manage the entire security infrastructure in a centralized manner and to provide users with an overall view of the situation to ensure a high degree of responsiveness Faced with threats.

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